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  • my first project

    hey gents,

    this is my first post and i look forward to learning what i can about all of this. im currently planning to install a car PC, in my 2007 nissan frontier. im wanting to go all out! im looking at a 7" touch screen display for my dash, but beyond that i really dont know what else to look for. i want a decently fast system with sat navigation, control my ipod/music, dvd, internet, etc. but what im really curious about is engine monitoring. im wanting to be able to monitor the performance, but also CHANGE it. i know you can connect through the OBDII interface, and monitor your engine, i also know that that's how they program your car. pretty sure ive heard that there are street racing cars that can change the cars performance while racing. what are the top of the line systems, how big should a hard drive be, what processor speed is recommended, im so new to this i really dont even know what to ask. anyone willing to give me a general description of the layout, what works, what doesnt. also keep in mind that most likely this system will be mounted under seats or behind the back seat, as its a 4 door truck. also, im in iraq right now, so its not gonna happen anytime in the near future, not till i get home on leave. i appreciate all the info and suggestions guys, thanks.

    ha ha, that guy just looked cool