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    I just inherited a travelmate 7520 with a smashed LCD. The screen is long gone but the body works great so its going in my car. I am facing similar power issues and have come to the conclusion that I will set up a switched connection (acc), wire up the DC to DC brick that I am buying to it, and run my laptop body as such. When the laptop senses power loss at the "brick", it will timeout in say 10 minutes and go to hibernate. Only thing to do is rig a power switch to the laptop body itself for remote start, or use a USB power solution and problem solved, yes?

    Other parts involved will be:

    2 x Dlink 7 port powered USB hubs
    USB wifi - Internal no longer has usable antenna
    Usb bluetooth
    USB OBD II interface
    Logitech dinovo bluetooth mini keyboard
    USB cable, VGA cabling, etc
    Audio will be from onboard into aux input in H/U

    Have I missed anything?

    Last but not least... some kind of touch screen that will fit into a single din opening that is recessed beyond the point of using anything motorized.

    The car is a 98 Dodge Stratus sedan. Nice car but poorly designed dash, I really wish the opening was double din.

    My only missing part at this point is the screen, any suggestions as to what to use? I would prefer sub $300 if possible TIA
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    I would suggest a redo of the dash. I think you can get a double din screen in there with mods. I too drive a Dodge when they were using those [email protected] 1.5 din openings. Here is what I had done with mine.



    As you can see I had to have it raised. I think if you have your A/C vents made slimmer, you can easily fit a Lilliput EBY701. I used that screen because it has a very small height profile, but is alittle wider.

    Worst case scenerio is you buy a motorized screen. I am going to use two of these in my install.

    Only issue is that over time the gears will start to wear out. I think it will take a few years though. They go for about $259.00. I noticed though they are out of stock, hope they are getting more.
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