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2007 Corolla - Proposed Setup

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  • 2007 Corolla - Proposed Setup

    Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster. I've found an amazing amount of information, and some just absolutely fantastic work logs. All of these have made me want to make a CarPC, and after doing a fair amount of research, I think I know most of what I want. Take a look and tell me what you think:

    Music and Videos
    Maybe, rear view camera

    2007 Toyota Corolla LE
    Stock Head Unit, replacing with CarPC
    Stock Speakers, leaving alone for now

    Components for CarPC:
    Monitor $300 - Preassembled Black Double Din LCD Frame with 7" Lilliput 629GL-70NP/C/T (
    Case $50 - DIY plexiglass/lexan case with acrylic corner fasteners and 4x 120mm computer fans
    Power Supply $70 - M2ATX 160W (
    Motherboard/CPU $180 - Zotec Ion Based Mini ITX (
    Hard Drive $0 (Already have) - 64GB SSD
    RAM $50 - G.SKILL 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (
    DVD Drive ?? - I can't seem to find a good external USB powered, tray slot
    Double Din $12 - Metra 95-8204 (
    GPS $36 - BU-353 (
    Bluetooth $30 - Interlink USB dongle (
    Keyboard $40 - Lenovo Wireless (
    Microphone $40 - Sunbeam Mic Array (
    Navigation Software $70ish? - Destinator 9 or Garmin Mobile?
    Front End - Road Runner

    The total comes out to be $928 not including shipping or taxes.

    So, a few questions:
    1. How does this look? The Zontec Ion is a bit overkill, but I plan to watch a lot of videos and movies (or my wife is at least)
    2. The Lilliput 7" fits the Corolla dash perfectly, and while I choose the preassembled since it would complicate it a tad less, it is $300. If someone can, could you recommend me something cheaper that I could modify myself and apply it to the Metra Din I am purchasing?
    3. Again with the Lilliput, does it matter if it is through VGA (analog) or DVI (digital)?
    4. Navigation software is my biggest headache right now. I basically spent the last two days doign research and while I was thinking of CF's Navigation system, the maps seem old and out of date. I was considering iGuidance since it works well with Road Runner Front End, but I've heard better things about Destinator 9 and Garmin Mobiel so I'm stuck between those two. Both seem to play somewhat well with Road Runner Front End and are around the same price (IG is $100).
    5. I can't seem to figure this out and I don't really see specifics on how sound is hooked up via the motherboard (unless I'm not looking hard enough?). So the motherboard has 6 channels, and my car has stereo speakers. I want to replace the stock head unit and replace it with the CarPC. How do I hook the speakers up to the motherboard? I'm keeping the stock speakers too, and while I don't think I do, do I need an amp?

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    1 - It's not overkill.

    2 - I think the pre-assmbled unit is the better way to go. There are valid reasons to consider a Xenarc brand screen, but you're not going to get the easy fitment, either. And it wouldn't save you any coin.

    3 - Not really.

    4 - IG2009 is the cream of the crop for North America at this point and time.

    5 - Amplifier.

    You really ought to read the FAQs. Link in my sig, for your convenience.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks for the link, I thought I saw that somewhere and I could never find it again.

      I got a lot of my build from benny32 ( and skuller (

      For the sound, I guess I'm going through the amplifier route with a amplifier soundstorm 4f400; cheap and it works for skuller. Any other thoughts?


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        Have you began work on this yet? I just got myself a 2007 toyota corolla.