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Few questions for my setup

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  • Few questions for my setup

    Hi Guys,

    Ive been collecting a lot of parts for my new project. I have a few questions concerning some parts and i would like to know what you guys think and if you guys could help me out that would be great.

    First Question:
    I am looking for a video card that has both VGA and Component. I was wondering if there was one you would recommend one or if this is pointless should I just buy a converter from vga to component? Or what would be the best option, wanna run both.

    Second Question:
    Is there a sound card that would allow me to have control of each different speaker and sub? Also have optical as well. Or is there a simpler solution,when hooked up to the computer?

    Third and Final Question:
    Is there a possibility to have a aux switch hooked up so that when I switch it on it goes to a video input?

    Thanks in advance, I will post pictures when I start putting the car together.


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    Component is much lower resolution than VGA. If you want to display VGA on a composite output, the result will be blurry text below about 16 or 18 point.

    Why do you want to display component?

    There are a number of computers, particularly laptops, that have s-video output that can adapt to a composite output via cable.
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      1: what bugbyte said

      2: there are a couple different options. search for the kxproject drivers for a good start(probably the simplest solution), otherwise, with software like audiomulch, Virtual audio cable, and Asio4all, you can almost control any card on the market.

      3:there are some monitors that have a reverse input wire(a switched 12v line will activate it) that you might be able to use to trigger a different input..
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