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My plan so far, will it all work?

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  • My plan so far, will it all work?

    I am a computer nerd, trying to bring that world to my car. I have found this, and I absolutely must try it. I am going to try a combination of these setups, mostly the 1st one. I really like the idea of taking out that useless rear air panel and putting in a single din deck:

    What do you guys think? I am on a budget and it will probably take me several months to a year to get everything done (everything including new speakers, subs, amp, ect) I think this is the order I'm going to go with all of this.

    1) Speakers, almost all of the speakers in my car are blown so I am really going to need to replace these. I've got a bunch of stuff for sale on eBay that should help me cover the cost of these. I picked out these ones below, yeah I know they're cheap, but i'm SURE they will be an improvement over the stock ones.

    2) CD Deck, the one I have now (stock) sucks. Every time I try and turn the radio up, it turns the sound down. So I want to get a single din and put it where the rear air control is (pictured in 1st link) and that shouldn't require much should it? Anyway, I picked this one out:

    3a) Carputer and monitor, if I get an EEEPC it should fit perfectly in the center console where the CD Changer is (or at the time, used to be) and I will take out the stock deck and put in a 7" monitor. I thought the EEE would fit perfectly, and be a pretty cheap option, but I am perfectly capable of building computers.

    3b) Subwoofers/Amp, Whichever one I deemed to do first, the other will come after. I still have no clue what to look for when it comes to all of this stuff. I Picked this out last night, but don't really know if it will work at all.

    and then one of these amps:

    Would the 1 amp be enough? Is this enough power? By the way I was planning on getting 2 of those subs.

    What all do I need left? Like wiring, ect. What else is required for all of this (wires, how to power the PC, ect.)? I've searched around on here for days trying to get all of this stuff together so let me know if this stuff will work out at all.

    Sorry about the links, here is a summary of everything linked.
    1 set of one of these speakers: Pyle PL683BL, Sony XS-S680CX, Pioneer TS-G6842R
    Tape deck: Pioneer DEH-1100MP
    Monitor: Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T 7"
    PC: Eee Box EBXB202
    Subs: Lanzar 15" 1200w
    Sub Box: Ground Shaker SQP215
    Amp: 1 of these 2, Boss Audio CW2000M, CX2000M

    Anyway, this is my plan for right now. What do you guys think? Somewhere during this time I would also like to replace the headlights and the grille of the car. Looking forward to responses!

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    every link you posted 404'ed. any chance you could edit those links, or just post model/part numbers of what your looking at/for?
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    "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

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      Thanks for the heads up, hopefully I fixed all of them.


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        i haven't done any fab work, so can't help you too much with that aspect..

        1) for the speakers, honestly, at less then $50 a pair, name brand speakers are kind of poor... you end up paying more for the name...

        i have some super cheap lighting audio speakers in my families ranger, they rate pretty good for cheap speakers-- they are very similar to these:

        (in a quick comparison, my cousin put some uber cheap pioneer speakers in his car, and the tweeters were worse then the lighting audio speakers i got)

        2) another question: is this planned as something that will stay with a carpc, or is it only to get audio before getting a carpc?

        3a) you'll need a carnetix power supply(because i think that it requires a 19v input), and some creativity to get it all working(read, pull apart to connect power wires..)

        3b) this is where personal preference comes in-- i am not crazy about ported boxes, or 15's in the car... for amps/subs, you should try to match up the rms wattage ratings of the subs and amp(s).. has a lot of good info on getting started in car audio..

        if you haven't seen it yet, check out the faq's:

        otherwise, power wire is dependant on the amount of power you need(usually you can use a car audio power wire gauge chart to determine what you need).

        in general, the amount of wire you need depends a lit on what you want to do, how far you wnat to take it, and what you want to get out of everything(i rewired my entire audio system, but many just plug into the factory stuff...)
        My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
        "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

        next project? subaru brz
        carpc undecided


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          One thing I noticed is that the type of car has been omitted. That would be great for FYI purposes.

          Bigger woofers are meant for large vehicles. a pair of 15's in anything smaller than a ford explorer is pure overkill IMO.
          In my Neon i'd go about 500-750 watts and a pair of 12's. Maybe just 1 12 and no more than 500.
          Small hatchbacks, like Volkswagens, Civics, and the like benefit from just 10's because of the open nature of the interior.
          Trunked vehicles Neon, Civic Sedan's need more speaker for the same sound.

          Plus you have to take into account of the exterior sound. Because it sounds good inside doesn't mean it sounds good outside. Anything that can vibrate (Licence plates are the biggest culprit) makes annoying sounds along with the bass.