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Suzuki SX4 CarPC project.. questions! any help would be appreciated

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  • Suzuki SX4 CarPC project.. questions! any help would be appreciated

    My project is going to be in a 2007 Suzuki SX4 hatchback. I have a few questions for everyone here about equipment. I have been searching and searching and found alot of good things on this website as of equipment and such, but still some answers I cant find. My main purpose of this Car PC would be for my child in the back seat to watch movies, my wife in the passenger seat to use the web, and me in the drivers seat to listen to music (not all of these at the same time (except maybe the child watching movies and me listen to music)

    Here is my proposed setup so far:

    Car PC (minus the hard drive and memory.. i have those)

    Intel D510MO Mini-ITX Motherboard

    M3-ATX 125 Watt - Smart Automotive Power Supply

    M350 Universal Mini-ITX enclosure

    Front LCD

    Preassembled Black Double Din LCD Frame with 7" Lilliput EBY701

    Back LCD's

    Pyle PL72HRBK Adjustable Headrests w/ Built-In 7'' TFT/LCD Monitor W/IR Transmitter & Cover (Black)


    Wifi adapter

    Backup Camera

    BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver

    OBDLink Multiprotocol OBD-II by ScanTool


    Wireless Illuminated Super Tiny Keyboard

    My questions are as follows:

    Question 1: Does anyone have any opinions on the Pyle Adjustable Headrest Monitors? I will be using this for VIDEO ONLY. These will be for my daughter to watch movies on. The reason I want these headrest monitors is because of the ability to zip a flap over it to conceal it.

    Question 2: The front LCD has the Double Din brackets on it (the one i listed above). I plan on buying the SCOSCHE double din kit for my car. Can I just buy the double din kit and a REGULAR touchscreen monitor and put the lcd monitor into that SCOSCHE double din kit? instead of paying EXTRA for the preassembled double din one by Lilliput? **Edit... I think I answered my own question.. Easily bolts into many of the aftermarket dash panel kits from Metra and Scosche. (please correct me if im wrong)**

    Question 3: I searched on here and someone said I would need a converter box in order to display the video on the headrest monitors. One user even said they used . Is there any way that I can possibly use and instead?

    Again, this is just my list as of right now. Still adding/tweaking stuff.

    Please let me know what you think of all or any of these products.

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    1+3: i will answer these together...

    pyle is on the low end of the spectrum of car electronics, so i cannot be sure on the overall build quality, but i feel confident saying that the screen portion should work very well. depending on personal taste though, you might run into a issue with the headrests not matching your original seats (it would really bother me at least).

    and yes, you will need a converter to properly supply a picture to it. in this thread, ripplinghurst highly recommended this startech unit. int eh thread, there is also some details on what kind of poor quality you can expect from a solution like this-- if that is ok with you as well(i imagine your daughter isn't going to care too much as long as she can see her favorite show)

    2: yep pretty much..

    the dd lcd kit adapts the screen to double din dimensions-- 4" X 7" so it will work with any vehicle, or kit that accepts a double din radio.

    also, i am pretty sure that the mp3car store offers both the lcd kit, and the vehicle housing as well. so if you order from mp3car, you can take care of a couple of things at once, and support the forums!
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      thank you for your answers...the only reason why i like pyle is because of the little flap that lets me hide the lcd when its not in use. if not, then i would probably use eonon screens (which ive seen some people on here use them and they look good)...i understand those are pretty low and the text usually doesnt show up crisp..but like you daughter isnt going to care as long as she sees her movie.

      i was thinking maybe those cables will work...if not, then i didnt spend that much and can go with a better quality item...

      looking closer at the schosche website, it looks like the preassembled lcd kit and the double din kit would go together perfectly..

      if ANYONE can tell me how i can use a regular touchscreen lcd monitor (one that is probably $100 or so less) with the double din kit from schosche that would be GREAT...and would save me $100 or more in the process..

      but right now this seems to be the simpler way to do it..and honestly, the only way i can see it working.....

      i am really hoping someone will tell me how i can do that using this kit, that way i could save more money...


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        the only way would be to fabricate the lcd's bezel to the new housing--there is a stickied-writeup in the fab section on this.

        it is more time consuming, and depending on how cheap you can get the materials for, might be a little more expensive, but would be a whole lot more rewarding then the bolt-together kit...
        My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
        "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

        next project? subaru brz
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