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  • First CarPC.

    Great Forum and lots of information but I have a few questions.

    I have built computers in the past and I think I have a workable design. All advice is welcome.

    1. BlackBox Double DIN Enclosure.
    2. Via NX15000G. 1G RAM.
    3. LPC-02 RS-232/422/485 Interface.
    4. Lilliput Monitor. External Touchscreen Controller.
    5. M3 or M4 DC to DC.

    6. HQCT HD Car Tuner.
    7. Garmin 20x USB w/ MobilePC.
    8. KMTronic 16 Relay Module via RS-485 interface.
    9. MJS-SC-C1 Sirius Radio Interface.
    10 USB Bluetooth for cell phone.
    11. ODBII USB Interface. Later down the road.

    The following questions correspond to the above listed components.
    1. I understand heat with an In-Dash install. I think I can work around it. This is going into a Jeep so I don't have a trunk. Will it survive In-Dash?
    3. This is for more serial ports for some of the external interfaces.
    4. What is a good daylight viewable model? Can it be connected directly to #5 or should it have its' own power source?
    5. Is the M3 (150W) adequate for this system? Should I just get the M4 (250W). The external devices like the MJS-SC-C1, and the KMTronic will be powered seperately. Which power supply can support 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, SATA hard drive, USB DVD, etc?
    6. Is this powered only by USB or does it have a seperate power connector?

    I intend to use Centrafuse. What is the best Windows version for this? Best means highest driver support and easiest install. I don't want to install something only to find that the driver won't be released or an older O/S isn't supported for that specific product. (I still gnash my teeth because the Hauppauge 1800 tuner card I have in my WinXP PVR only does half of its functions. When the driver is loaded it can pull analog CATV or digital clear QAM. Not both. It does everything in Vista and above. Same PVR: I specifically got WinXP Media Center Edition. About a year later SP3 wiped out the media center extensions. XP works great. All programs still run. The media center is useless.) I have experience with all versions of Windows back to 3.1. Should I look at XP, Vista, or 7?

    Am I missing any components? I didn't specify DVD, Hard Drive, (On the bench) Keybord/Mouse, etc because those components are generic.

    Thanks for your help.