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Pioneer AVIC D3 guts swaped for nano-ITX motherboard? Or other double din case.

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  • Pioneer AVIC D3 guts swaped for nano-ITX motherboard? Or other double din case.

    hey all. i beleve this is my first post if it's not it's the fist one in over a year then.

    i've decided to make a carputer BUT i wana make it custom. regarding that i got a few questions i think you guys can help me on

    the ORIGIONAL plan was to take my broken AVIC D3 (touchscreen broke) and replace the inside pioneer custom processor bords with somting i could install windows on. MABYE even streach it so far to install Linuix (since it's way more stable then windows dreams) or use VX works.

    i work for a small, millitary spec, computer company so i deal with speclized hardware evrey day. as an example i could use this 4"x4" board with a custom breakout.we work with the 3 OS's i said above also. i was going to use it as is but put a custom linuix kernel in it but i have no idea bout linux. i'd rather use a OS i'm familure with AKA win XP or 7.

    all that said. ican use a Nano ITX board with WIN on it.

    #1. is 2GB memory enough to run Win 7 ultiamte? (i know it's overkill but it's the only 7 i have.) if i could find a freebie windows XP minimal version i'd use that.

    #2 i've allready bought a 256GB SSD. is this any diffrent / use any specal software (to deminish writes to a bare minumum) i've never used a SSD but i hear there better than a HDD in extreme enviroments AKA can take the shock / vibration of a car better.

    #3 in adition to #2 what can i do to minimise boot up shut down times? again specal software or just tinker with the windows setings?

    #4 do i need to worry about extended temp ranges or will standard comercal work? the SSD is extended temp b/c i wana beable to park the car in the summer sun with no cracked windows on a 105F day and beable to have it boot / work.

    #5 i found the BYEBYTE case and i realy like it. BUT i had planed to make a machined heatsink like if i used the GMS boards above. meaning i'd like to use a metal chassis. this is why i should use the D3 case.

    #6 also deals with the chassis. is there a double din case like the BYBYTE one that has a slot for a slim dvd drive? if i' use the D3 dvd drive i'd have to figure out the shematics. see if it's a standard IDE interface. also some front USB ports or a SD reader would be nice.

    #7 and most problematic. i want to use the front of the D3 case i looked upo the schematic from the service manual. i beleve i can use the stock screen as it looks like a standard VGA signals. HOWEVER, theres only what looks like a serial port along the VGA. i'm asuming this is the touchscreen and would need a specal driver since it's not USB. and since it's a Pioneer engerneed unit i can only assume it's propriatry. so i'd have to code a driver. would this be posible?

    well thats all i can think of for now. i'm sure i'm forgeting somting. but i've been thinking this reserching for little over a year now. i know what i want the end result to be but i need help on how to get there. Thanks in advance.