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2010 Dodge Charger setup.

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  • 2010 Dodge Charger setup.

    Well here are my plans for my 2010 Dodge Charger. Just a rough drawing I had in pencil that i decided to re draw in paint quickly. This is hardware based. For powering it on I will use a switch on the laptop wired with a relay. I think I saw an informative post about it. I'll have to search when the time comes to use that idea. To hibernate I will use shutcontrol software. My front end will either be Centrafuse or Road Runner. I see they are the 2 most popular. Anyway I'll just throw my drawing out and see what you guys think. I want to run the speaker wires from the trunk to the front and use them with the radio harness so that I do not have to rewire all the speakers in the car. Is this common? anyway give it look please great website!

    Click Thumbnail for large size.

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    anyone just chime in if you spot something wrong? i will be ordering everything in the next week or so. i think im ready to go ill just have to read more on switching the laptop on and hibernating with the car start/off. pretty excited right now. love reading the build section, plenty of good ideas.


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      looks pretty good, just make sure to use a power distribution block to correctly connect all the different devices.
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        thanks for your input. and yes all connections will use proper terminals, solder and heatshrink.


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          I've got a '07 Charger R/T R&T.... I've had a carputer in for about 3 months...
          I don't know much about how to use a laptop, but I think you have it covered. Everything looks pretty good in your drawing, but the one thing that I figured out is that my rear window is also my am/fm radio antenna.... and it is powered, and caused my GPS (a SIRF) to have a hard time getting a lock on the satellites. I ran an active USB cable from the trunk to the glove box, and put a USB hub where the head unit used to be. Then I shoved the GPS back behind the glove box. The GPS gets a MUCH better signal up there that I ever got back in the trunk or under that antenna.

          Here is a link to my work log



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            I have a custom dodge charger bezel (Upper & lower) 9" touchscreen with 2 usb connector for sale for 08-10 dodge charger


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              When adding an external amplifier, you are sending more current to the speakers than the factory intended for. Therefore the factory wiring is no longer sufficient for the task at hand.

              Run wire directly from the amp to the speakers. Youll have less path for the current to travel, less connections, and the speaker wire wont build up heat.

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