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My Vision.... Or maybe I am just shortsighted !

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  • My Vision.... Or maybe I am just shortsighted !

    Hi all,

    I am new to the carpc scene, but have been in IT for many years. I have recently been given an e39 bmw, and have decided to see about a carpc. I have looked carefully at the two main frontends, RideRunner and Centrafuse 3, and I think I have decided on Centrafuse 3, although if I find any show stopping information this could change. Basically Ride Runner just seemed a bit too....'plastic'...difficult to explain it felt very 'open source'....Anyway CF3 felt more complete, and seemed to be ready to go basically straight away.

    I have an Acer Aspire One, the 150 model with 8.9" screen, and am planning on either fitting this with a touchscreen film, and mounting in a homemade bezel, or getting a cheap VGA touchscreen and doing the same.

    Where I am starting to fall down is with the compatible hardware, specifically CHEAP compatible hardware, that is suitable for the UK. The requirements I have are as follows:

    1) MP3 Storage & Playback - Built in to CF3 - DONE
    2) Movie Storage & Playback - Built in to CF3 - DONE
    3) Turn By Turn UK Navigation - Maps are sorted (Destinator) - HARDWARE ADVICE NEEDED
    4) Handsfree Phone Control - Built in to CF3 (already had dongle) - DONE
    5) Standard Radio (FM and RDS to get station name) - Built in to CF3 - HARDWARE ADVICE NEEDED

    So from my essentials I need hardware advice for CHEAP, UK compatible GPS receiver, and CHEAP, UK compatible mobile Radio Tuner.

    For my 'nice to have' list I have the following:

    1) Steering Wheel Controls (and more maybe) - BMW IBus - I DONT THINK THIS EXISTS WITH CF3???? - HARDWARE/SOFTWARE ADVICE NEEDED
    2) OBD11 Integration - Built in to CF3 - HARDWARE ADVICE NEEDED, CAN IT READ FAULT CODES??
    3) Internet On The Move - Built in to CF3 - will try using some software I have to tether my iphone
    4) Skinning/Button Removal - Can this be done? I want to design skins for CF3
    5) Multiscreen - Can this be done? I would like screens in the back for the kids
    6) Zoning - If I can have multiscreens, can the back screens watch a dvd whilst I have music/navigation?

    So as you can see these are quite specific, I have looked quite a lot, and there is some information out there, ut it is all very specific, and normally for the US ! I am fairly happy with how I will power the laptop, and control sleep and wakeup from the ignition feed. I am also planning on looking into building my own small amplifier for the feed to the speakers,I am sure I have seen a couple of people do that.

    Any help and advice is appreciated, my goals are CHEAP !!! and UK relevant !!!



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    hmmmm........thanks, and thanks for moving the post to an area that is not read !

    I look forward to offering the same in depth advice myself !


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      hmmmm..... and thanks for being a smartass. We are not here to do everything for you. You post was moved to the newbie area for a reason. There are many regulars that cruise this forum helping out so give them time to respond.
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        The BU353 GPS receiver works worldwide (as do all gps receivers as far as I know...), but the 353 has been flawless and durable in my experience.

        Do some searching around the forums for carputer compatible radios, there are a couple of threads about it including one for the UK.

        OBD2 tool: . By far the best tools out there. The OBDLink can read and clear trouble codes if your car is OBD2 compliant as long as the software supports it.

        Someone who actually uses CF will have to answer your CF specific questions, hope that this helps you at least get started down the right path for hardware.
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