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2007 VW GTi Build Idea and Questions

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  • 2007 VW GTi Build Idea and Questions

    I just picked up a GTi, great car, but no Nav and I'm less than impressed with the factory bass response. I've been wanting to do a CarPC build for a while, and this seems like as good a reason as any.

    Right now the goals of this build is:
    - Having my iTunes library with me in the car
    - Bluetooth functionality
    - Navigation (in the US)
    - A backup camera or distance sensor of some sort
    - Steering wheel controls maintained
    - Wi-Fi

    I've done some research, read the FAQ's and whatnot, so I think I have a fairly good idea of what i need to do the general build. My big issue is with the steering wheel controls because they are used to navigate the menus for the VW menus as well as controlling the radio.

    I think I might be able to get the functionality I need from getting an adapter for an aftermarket headunit, and using a microcontroller to turn the signals from the controls into a keystroke that the computer can read.

    So my question is: Has anyone done something like this before? I'd like to know if it's been done before so that I'm not going into unexplored territory on my first CarPC build.

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    that would best be answered by searching..
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    carpc undecided


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      I've done searching here, and on MKV related forums. The most I've found is people who have been trying to crack the CAN bus to modify the display in the gauge cluster.


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        i too have a 07 gti, love the car, but yes the stock stereo does suck. im planning on just adding an amp and thats it, unless i can figure out how to get my sat radio to work with a carpc. i dont want to loose it because the dealership i bought it from forgot to code out my free xm/sirius. so Ive had it for 8 months and now i NEED it, but dont want to pay for it.

        my wife on the other hand has an 05.5 jetta that is a candidate for a carpc. as far as i can tell the MFD isn't part of the CAN-BUs system. but her external oem amp is. there are people working on your problem now, but as far as i know no one has successfully made it work for non-oem radios. i def would like to figure it out too, just for the volume steering control too.


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          after looking a bit, this might work. pac-audio swi-can
          dont know how to interface with carpc tho


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            I'll throw you a bone:
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              seems like that only controls certain programs, like winamp. but i bet it could be modified to work with other stuff too, i just have no clue how to write a script that would make it do overall volume, or maybe just media volume