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PIII motherboard with PATA connectors to SATA

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  • PIII motherboard with PATA connectors to SATA

    So I'm building my CarPc with an old PIII motherboard and I want to use a Sata drive I have lying around but the mobo doesn't have any sata connections just the old PATA, so for the life of me I cannot find or really figure out how I can go about doing it? Where could I find a USB to sata cable or Sata to Pata if that is even possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks guys

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    I'm tempted to suggest a new mobo, but SATA drivers are cheap enough ($10-$20).
    There are PCI-bus cards, and USB converters.
    PC shops have them - though I go for swap meets. Else online & eBay etc.


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      Well, reason is because I have an 80 GIG SATA drive, and since I've had this mobo sitting around for years, I mean it has a 10 gig drive I can probably use actually booted up pretty quick but 10 GIGs doesn't really give me any room to play with.

      And I guess I'm going to maybe utilize one of those converters that have SATA and PATA connectors they seem to be pretty descently priced.