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  • Just need a complete setup suggestion

    ok, I need a little help. I kind of know how to install a pc in my car and kind of understand how computers work. I'm just having trouble understanding which one to get for my car. I need something with decent power and speed, that will allow me to have audio come out correctly to my 4 channel amp for my speakers AND audio to go to my two mono block amps for my two subwoofers. The whole sound card thing is the only thing getting me because none of them seem to have RCA inputs or at least enough audio jack outputs to do both left/right and front/rear and for my subwoofers. Please help by linking me to a complete pc or at least to a mother board with a sound card that will support all of this.

    Thank you

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    1 - The only INPUTS a sound card will have are Line In & Mic. I think you want OUTPUTS.

    2 - You don't need RCA outs, but there are cards that have them. Prepare yourself for sticker shock, though.

    3 - The common solution is to use a 3.5mm headphone jack to L/R RCA splitter. A truly clean install would use a cable that has 3.5mm on one end and RCAs on the other.

    4 - Time to check out the FAQs. Link in my sig.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      5. i think you are not understanding what a carpc is. it is a computer--in almost all cases, it is a standard computer that is adapted to work in a vehicle. as such, there are zero 'carpcs' that will do what you want-- ie come standard with 5-6 rca outputs.

      6.the faq that darque linked to will cover how to connect to a single 4 ch amp. in terms of simplicity, it is easiest to extend this idea to all of your amps-- ie: send a 2ch fullrange signal from the pc, and split it to all of the amps. from there, set the onboard x-overs on your amps to correctly manipulate the sound.

      7. if you require balance/fade/tone controls, the best option is a 1/2 din eq with those features.

      8. i see a lot of posts from people worrying about the audio connector type-- in terms of audio questions, it is probably a close second to 'how do i connect to my amp'.
      i can assure you that the fact that most computers have a 3.5mm output has nothing to do with the sound quality of the pc. the sound card chipset used has more to do with that.

      to get your rca outputs, you need some 3.5mm-to-rca adapters. while some worry about those adapter affecting the audio quality, i can tell you that any decent quality adapter will not audibly affect the audio signal. granted, every connection will degrade the signal, but in most cases, this degradation would require expensive testing equipment just to measure.
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