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  • First build 2009 Subaru WRX

    Hi I am Curtis and I am building my first Carputer for my 2009 Subaru WRX. I have followed a couple build threads for awhile and have seen many as well. About a year ago I decided to sell my standard Pioneer DVD Double Din. But recently I started to think I want again then it clicked, why not just build my carputer I've always wanted. So that's what brings me here today to Mp3car. Always been a lurker but finally joined up. Lets start with what I am working with..

    I have a old HP DV6736NR(specs here)with a broken screen. So my thought is to just gut the screen/trackpad/keyboard and just use that as its own case. For power button I was going to just re-wire a momentary to where ever I mount it to somewhere in my dash.

    For Screen I am getting a Mini Touch 700 since it is bright and should just match my Double Din Application smoothly for more of a OEM look.

    For Power Supply I was either thinking of using M4-ATX or even just the M3-ATX but I guess there is problem with noise I have to do further research on this.

    For Sound my plan is to just hopefully run my current Head Unit to my glove box and run a AUX from my location of Laptop Housing into that so I can just use that to control sound which will have a 900.4 Crunch Amp connected to it and possibly a Monoblock for my Subwoofer. Another idea is I could just run adapters from my Laptop to split into my amps since there are 2 outlets. But my current deck has bluetooth but again I could add that too the laptop as well too.

    Keyboard and Mouse I am getting a all in one unit like the Dinovo from Logitech.

    I dont think I am missing anything. If so, anyone's help is greatly apprectiated and Thank in Advance

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    being that it is a laptop, the atx-compliant psu's you listed won't work. i recommend something like the carnetix series-- a psu with a single output.

    i don't even think it is worth gutting-- just leave it together, and use it as-is..

    the momentary switch on the dash is not required-- any dc-dc psu designed for car use usually has a built in startup/shutdown controller. i still run one in case of emergency, but it is not a requirement.

    for the screen, the minitouch is going to be a pretty good screen, but there are not any dd bezels for it. you would need to order the lilliput 701/629/669 to get a screen that is compatible with a standard double din opening.
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      Thanks for the heads up. I missed that part on the Power Supplies. As for the Mini Touch 700 the H bracket kit should fit with a little modification to my Metra Dash Kit I already have.

      Also, would it be better for me to gut a old Desktop then? It has Pentium 4 630 but its kind of a juice hog and I have to fix the video card since it seems to be on its way out. I don't use it anymore and it is sitting there as well. Plus it has a FM tuner built in. To me after time it seems like it might be better for this but I want to get another opinion on it.

      I know Im a Noob and to search(I belong to many forums)but sorry for all the questions. I've done tons of it but to me there is just so much information and I want to get this right so I can one day help some fellow noobies out. I am alright with regular computer stuff but haven't done a Carputer before and just trying to see what is the best bang for my buck.

      Here are the Specs for my desktop.


      Here are the CPUs and Motherboards I am thinking of using. They are cheap and should be more sufficient then the P4. The 2nd option seems to better but almost seems like a overkill. I just want simple things like Music, Dvd, Maybe Navigation.


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        your second cpu/mobo combo is mis-linked(cpu linked to first mobo, and mobo linked to pentium processor )

        you would be the best judge of what hardware best fits your needs.. imo, laptops are a little better because you can set them to use the internal battery for things like standby-- the same option on a normal pc is much more tedious to setup... and most of the components are geared towards lower power consumption.. but that the same time, desktops have more horse power, can usually be built to better fit your needs, and also sometimes built in a smaller package...

        it also depends on your budget-- if money is a little tight, i would recommend that you layout the overall costs for building either the laptop, or the desktop, and see which one is cheaper..

        if you are ok with getting new hardware, i would recommend looking at mini-itx boards. they are smaller then micro-atx, and with the recent popularity of tiny htpc's, seem to be just as feature-packed as the larger boards... i am sure your aware of the big companies like asus and gigabyte, but another one to look at is zotac-- they seem to share a lot of models with asus, and the quality is just as good--i rarely hear of complaints about them..(i run a zotac 9300 board in-car, but use asus everywhere else)

        for processor selection-- the atom processor used to be the most popular. this was mostly due to it's low power consumption. the side effect of that was that it wasn't a super-fast processor. if speed is important, then the pentium-series, or i-series processor(or amd equivalent) is going to be better suited..

        lately, i have been seeing more builds using the i3 processor-- many quoting that they used that over the atom for the extra horse power.. i don't know if the i3 is much, if any better then a pentium or core2, just what i'm seeing...
        My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
        "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

        next project? subaru brz
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          Damn. I knew something didnt feel right when I re-edited that post,haha. Well those links are fixed and it was supposed to be a Zotac. I like the idea of the Laptop since its all there and I dont have to spend more really. But the idea of getting more Horses out of the desktop is just so much better and I think would give me the best bang for my buck in the long run. Maybe I will have to build two PC's and run them and see which one turns out better, haha. The winner stays in my car the loser gets either sold or put in my GFs or Sisters Car.

          I've been looking on newegg at their CPU/MOBO combos and some of those deals are pretty decent. There is a combo I am looking at and its processor only consumes 13w which seems to be one of the lowest ones.
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            Looks like I will be going with my laptop right now since its a cheaper route. I would need to get a PSU,MOBO,CPU for my desktop to function better in car use and my laptop just really needs a Power supply. That being said Im looking at getting the Carnetix 2140 to have some extra umph if needed.

            This is what I have so far-

            Screen- Mini Touch 700 with Double Din Frame
            Mini Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo(Just to make things easier than hitting the screen sometimes or for passengers in my rear seat to play with)

            Ordering/Need to get-
            Carnetix 2140
            Distribution Block.