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Vauxhall/Opel Corsa C project

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  • Vauxhall/Opel Corsa C project

    What I want from my car pc:

    Maps/Navigation (I have a BT GPS receiver)
    Video (when stopped obviously)
    OBDII - eventually
    Phone control - Bluetooth
    Internet access (through bluetooth or wifi, and phone tethering)

    I have a Wyse V10L (800mhz, 256mb ram) thin client sitting in my house, it used to be a file server but i'm thinking of using that as it's fairly low power (12V 15w~ - it uses a 230vac->12V 4A brick) and pretty small. It currently uses a usb hard disk, but i'm planning to get an IDE->CF adapter and get a 4gb cf card for solid state storage. Music I would plan to store on a spare usb mem stick so I can easily sync music (I did think about wireless syncing when I get home... but that's a plan for another day). - same interior, planning to mount the monitor where the head unit sits, so would also need to hook up the amp I have sitting round.

    Anyone got any pointers on where to start? I need to get a monitor from ebay, and also a regulated 12v output psu from somewhere along with lots of extension cables! Will 800mhz and 256mb ram be enough for what I want to use it for?



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    i think it should be ok-- it might be a little slow doing everything at once, but should be able to handle it with the right software. i hope your planning on running XP or earlier on it...

    you might want to try looking at some older threads-- while much of the forum has moved on to different setups that are windows 7 capable, the pc that you describe sounds more like the stuff that used to be used 3-4 years ago, so i think you might find more relevant info there. it seems most new-component setups seem to have at least 1gb of ram, and usually use the atom processor(1.2ghz--usually the dual core version)

    where to start--probably the faq emporium, searching for others that modded a similar car, or just generally looking around-- i have found that if you quietly read most threads that pop up over the course of about 2-3 months, most of those will have enough info to get you off to a good start, or at least give you a place to start your research on certain topics.

    for the power supply, there is the dcdc usb, or the dxs12vd. either will do exactly as you need it to-- just a single 12v output. the problem is going to be shipping-- mp3car doesn't ship for very cheap even in the US, and i am not sure if it is available elsewhere...

    as for the screen- just be sure to get one that is vga compatible.
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