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8" HD Monitor + Mac Mini Build Advice Please

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  • 8" HD Monitor + Mac Mini Build Advice Please

    Hi there all.

    I have just picked up a 2007 Audi TT and which to do a incarpc installation.

    Being a designer I am naturally attracted to mac as many of you maybe attracted to other operating system such at Windows. For this reason I would ideally like to instal a Mac Mini in my Audi which I will either source new or used from eBay.

    the other things I have put of the check list so far are a 8" HD dash monitor of which the Lilliput 869GL monitor fits the bill. see link here:

    A HD reverse camera would would be cool to wire up and a
    Pioneer sub that I plan to wire into my current audi system in the next week.

    I have an iPhone 4s which I used in my last car for all my audio input so this would be ideally be require to hook up to the system.

    I do plan to install Windows via Bootcamp or Parallels etc so that I can run the car software I have choosen t o go with, being: Centrafuse 4.0

    Would also like to hook up a BluRay player : maybe like this:

    This is all my checklist consists of and as far as my research has taken me. I have no idea really how to...
    • build this into my car
    • wire up to my cars speakers
    • connect to my cars audi steering wheel controls including voice command
    • type of power require
    • how to connect power
    • how to connect mac mini to monitor
    • how to connect to reverse camera
    • whether its all compible.

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      How do you plan on mounting the LCD? If you want it to look nice you're probably going to end up having to fabricate a dash piece. I am in the process of doing this for my CarPC and it is certainly challenging (I am using the same LCD as you, but it's going in a 2012 Honda CR-Z)


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        To answer some of your other questions:
        To power it to your speakers, it really depends on your car's amp situation. In most cases you can take the output directly from the PC (or Mac mini) 3.5mm speaker jack, into the RCA input of the amp with the proper cable, and you'll hear it. The volume may be very low, though, so you might want to get a pre-amp/equalizer. Clarion makes one that you can pick up on Amazon for about $50 called the EQS746. If you do some searches on the forum, you'll find people who have used it.

        For steering wheel controls, you'll need to look up the specifics of your vehicle. Mine uses parallel resistive buttons, so I picked up a Joycon EXR, but then I found out how simple it is to roll my own, and since I'm already building an Arduino box I'll just integrate that. I think for most people the Joycon EXR will work. Again, look up your specific vehicle, because the Joycon might not be compatible.

        Power requirements of the Mac Mini are pretty modest, under 100 watts. It has a built-in power supply, though.... that might give you trouble. Do a search here on the forum and see if anyone else has used one, and see how they powered it. Most people run a cable directly from the battery to a 'smart' car power supply, like the M2, M3, or M4. You can find these on the store. These power supplies output a nice steady 12v, even when your battery dips down to 6v or when your car is running and it's closer to 15v. They handle sending a power on and power off signal to your computer so it automatically starts when you start the car, and automatically shuts off shortly after you turn the car off.

        To connect the mac mini to the LCD, the LCD will come with a few different cables. The Mac Mini has HDMI out and USB, you'll connect those to one end of the cable, and the other end plugs into the HDMI+USB port on the LCD panel. You'll want to get the version of the LCD with the "reverse trigger"/"input switch". This will let you use a 12v signal (reverse lights being on) to switch the LCD between displaying the car pc and the reverse camera.

        In short - yes, you can definitely do this. Don't expect it to be quick or easy or cheap. Custom solutions always end up being more expensive and taking way longer to do than you initially plan for.

        Good luck!