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Newbie needing advice on a 7" tablet inside a 370z

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  • Newbie needing advice on a 7" tablet inside a 370z

    Hey guys, I need help on making a "flush" design to fit my samsung galaxy 7inch tablet inside my 2012 370z cubby hole. I already removed the cubby door, and want to get the table to fit in completely flush. Any ideas on how to do that? I couldn't find a kit online that would make it possible... so wondering if anyone knows of a way . Thanks!

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    Anything past 6 or 7 inches will require come good ol custom fabrication. I'll post ya a pic of my camry dash that i put a 10.1 in monitor into. But basically you'll just buy one of these cheep metra kits

    Some bondo and jb weld, and shape it around your tablet anway you like, even install the 3.5audio and charging cable built into the dash eh, so it doubles as a real dock. But that kit is as close as your likely to find to what you will need to change to.


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      Is this what your looking for?