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New guy needing some adivce.

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  • New guy needing some adivce.

    First and foremost very nice site you all have here. I am glad there is a resource like this to ask questions.

    I am no stranger to assembling computers and booting them for the first time and formatting them for first use,I have done this several times. With that said I have no clue on how to choose the components for a build. What I usually do is just tell some computer friends I want to be able to do X and X and X and use it for etc etc etc and they will pick the parts out for me. So I am hoping you will all be my said friends. My PC friends have never built a car PC before so they suggested I ask you all first.

    The things I want about my proposed build

    I want it all self contained. Yes I know the "black box" is one of the tougher builds but I want it all to be in one nice unit.
    I am a HUGE audiophile and movie buff. I have over 12,000 songs on my iTunes so storage is a must for me
    Car diagnostics
    email (kind of redundant with internet i think but oh well)
    Touch Screen.
    Ability to use steering wheel controls.
    Tuning. (idk how much of you are into car tuning or not but I would like to be able to run HPtuners via this carpc to enable me to do on the fly tuning.
    Fast as well.

    I will be installing this pc (I keep wanting to type unit lol) in a 2010 Chevy HHR SS with the advanced audio system so it has an amp from the factory but I will also be installing a 1200 what RMS system in the car as well.
    I truly hope I am not coming across gruff or demanding in my thread here as I know I still have a lot more reading to do but if someone has done a setup like this already and has some advice for me and can point me to some answers that would be great.