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Newbie 03 4runner proposed setup

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  • Newbie 03 4runner proposed setup

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking on the site for a few weeks now and have decided that I'm going to take the plunge and attempt to start my maccar. My proposed setup is going to be a really easy one since I'm a complete beginner. I'm looking at putting a mac mini a 2010 version) with a 7in Lilliput touchscreen in a 4runner double din installation kit. From what i've read on here, I'll need a carnetix power source, I was thinking the P2140 with macpack. I have a factory JBL synthesis system that I would like to retain so I saw this amp connector kit If all I want is basic audio and video right now, will this be a sufficient setup? Eventually I want to add GPS, OBDII, and backup camera and I figure most of these can be setup by wifi/bluetooth or USB so it shouldn't be too difficult.

    Mac mini- with solid state hard drive (I plan to change the current hd out)
    Carnetix P2140 with macpack
    7 in Lilliput screen (already ordered)
    Scosche TA07SRA / TA07SRB / TA07SR- for factory JBL amp

    USB GPS hardware
    OBDII hardware
    Backup camera

    Is there anything that I'm missing that you guys could think of? The biggest thing I'm worried about is connecting the mac mini to the factory JBL synthesis system. I'm going to keep looking around the forum for more information as well. Thanks everyone.

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    Well after a few more weeks of lurking on the forum, I decided to change my proposed setup. I got a great deal on a galaxy tab 2 so I've decided to put that in instead of a mac mini. The biggest issue I'm going to have is fitting the galaxy tab in the space where the factory nav unit is currently (the tab is too tall in landscape mode and too short on the sides). I'm going to have to learn how to fabricate in order to get the perfect fit. I picked up the JBL harness and it works great so the audio is taken care of. As far as power, I have an AC plug in the truck so I can just plug it into that to charge it, I can also get the vehicle adapter to the cig lighter and plug it into that for now. I've seen that people are using the tasked app, which will help for automation. I'm going out of town for a while so I'm going to have a temporary set up where it's just connected to the dash with a car mount.