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Wiring design/layout software?

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  • Wiring design/layout software?

    Hey everyone - I'm still in the early stages of building my CarPC, and I want to know if there is a good software program out there that will help me design the wiring layout?

    For example - I have the battery up front, the CarPC in the rear, the LCD panel in the dash, and the audio connectors need to go through the harness. I want a program where I can put little blocks that represent the PC or power supply or LCD panel or whatever, and then run wires to them with labels, so when I start wiring up the car I can tally up all of the different cables and make sure that I only have to pull my center console once to run all the wires.

    Perhaps something like Eagle CAD??

    Anyone have a recommendation? Right now I'm just using and drawing it out. It is not ideal.


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    visio should do the job for you SNO


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      I hadn't even considered that! Thanks! Looking into it, it looks like there is an Open Office version called Draw, -AND- even better a Google Documents version also called Draw, and they all seem to support the same things.


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        Dia works ok for this, and it is free -



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          I played around with the Google Draw app, and it doesn't seem like it'll work for me. For instance, I want to draw a line from one place to another, and have that line have a right angle in it... Can't do that in Google Draw - straight lines only. OR, if I want a non-straight line, it won't connect to the blocks, so if I move them they become disconnected.

          I'm trying Dia now - the screen shots look VERY promising!


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            Maybe you could try this :
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              I played around with Dia for 10 or 15 minutes yesterday, and it looks like it'll work perfectly