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1993 ZA Volkswagen Caravelle 2.5i > Project started.

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  • 1993 ZA Volkswagen Caravelle 2.5i > Project started.

    Hi All,

    Ive been a member of this site for a few years now. However, there are VERY few posts from me as I ave been lurking.. picking up information and scouring the web looking for solutions to issues.
    I initially wanted to install a CarPC in my 93 BMW 316i, but then I purchased the Caravelle!

    Up front:
    KDC-4802 DVD Player. 4 port USB 3 Hub. Slim Apple DVD Drive. Lilliput 809GL-80NP TS on Dash. Ancient external GPS unit under Aircon duct.
    Midrange speakers in front doorpads, tweeters mounted on dash. Power switch for Mac.

    Under drivers seat:
    Amplifier to drive mids and tweeters in front.

    Under front Passenger seat:
    Second Battery. 240V Power inverter.

    Under Middle seat:
    2 x amplifiers, 1 for subwoofers, 1 for 6x9s.
    Mac Mini.

    Under rear seat:
    2 x Pioneer 12" DVC subwoofers in tuned, ported box. 6x9s mounted on Aircon ducting.

    Over Engine Bay:
    Small Bar Fridge. (Couldnt leave it out!)

    Anyway, Ive already laid out the ffg cabling: I have the subs, 6x9s, head unit, tweeters and 2 amplifiers mounted, connected and running. I have the power cables from the primary battery to the secondary battery done as well as the cables from the 2nd batt to the inverter done. I have laid out the cabling for the power switch for the mac. Ive also laid out all audio cabling as well. I have the USB hub and dvd drive installed with cables running to under the middle seat. In the same loom, Ive run a VGA cable, HDMI cable and 4 x 2-core cables. Dont know if Ill need this, but I had an idea at the time that didnt pan out.

    Ive run the power for the fridge to the back as well. Since the vehicle does NOT had OBD, I needed some way to monitor the vehicle. Ive installed the ffg(those marked with a * were already there, I just tapped into the current system):
    Oil pressure sender units x 2*, Water temperature guage*, TPS, exhaust temp guage, tyre pressure guages, fuel level monitor*, ambient temp sensor (under vehicle), rev counter* and 4 wheel speed sensors. All the cabling from the above goes into the vehicle and is assembled behind the dashboard. The cables have been left loose and will be utilised later. Ive checked voltages etc on all to ensure I haven't messed anything up.

    This is where YOU come in: I need to know HOW to get the data that comes from these cables into my mac (I chose a mac cos its stable, sys is unix based and I know more about Linux than I do windows ). So, the question is, what hardwar/software combination can I use? Some of the cables can already be used using the interfaces I already have... but I want them all!

    Also, anyone have any idea where I could buy a second hand screen in ZA? That and the power inverter ar really all thats left to acquire... and of course whatever HW/software I might need to purchase. Keep in mind that this is on a very very low budget, so Ill need freeware / easily buildable solutions.

    Oh yes... Pics to follow in 3 weeks. Im away from home for a while but will take and post as soon as I get back.
    Any questions?
    My project: Honda Ballade 130
    Progress {|---------} 10% [research in progress]
    Contemplating using my Travelmate 723TX...