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  • Ford Mustang 2006 / Ford Fusion 2007

    Hi guys,

    I just joined the forum, but I've been browsing the threads for the past year now. I finally have some time to tackle my project (that I wanted to do for the last 2 years now) and would appreciate some feedback.

    I currently have a Ford Mustang convertible 2006 as well as a Ford Fusion 2007. Ideally, I'd like to build a carputer that I can swap between both cars (I'm only using the Mustang April-October and then use the Fusion only). Here's what I would like to get accomplished:

    - Trying to keep the modification of the cars to a minimum (no unnecessary cutting, drilling, etc)
    - Replace the headunit with the carputer, but I also want to be able to replace the carputer with the headunit if I swap cars at the end of the Mustang season
    - Functionality of carputer: AM/FM/HD Radio, MP3, podcasts subscription, movies, Skype, GPS, OBD-II, web browsing,handsfree phone (bluetooth pairing with my cell), text messaging (thinking about using Google Voice, but maybe there is some software available that can send text msg via my cell using bluetooth), maybe rear and/or front camera, WIFI, LTE (maybe using a data card or tethering with my cell)

    I know that I probably won't need all of the functionality, but I am the kind of geek that doesn't ask "why?", but rather "why not?"
    Yes, I know that I probably could get a Nexus tablet and install it for less money, but I'd rather give it a try and see if I can accomplish this project.

    Questions for you:
    - What resources for newbies can you recommend? I'm trying to find a step by step guide that I can follow so I don't screw things up too bad. I just ordered "Build Your Own Car PC" from Amazon (
    - Do you have any tips or recommendations on how to get started?
    - Would you recommend having a "swapable" carputer (swapping will only be twice a year) or is there a better solution (short of building two carputers)?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback and comments.

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    Hey welcome to the forum! I think swapping would be a complete pain in the a**. I think I would do the stang now while using it and slowly acummulate the next system for the fusion. The computer would not be the hard part, it would be the addon's like hd radio/gps/antenna/ect. you would almost have 2 systems really as you would need 2 screens at least the same wiring in both. Just my 2 cents SNO


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      yeah, good point. Screen and computer wouldn't be the problem as I was thinking about getting a doubledin blackbox that houses the carputer and the touchscreen. I think/hope that it would have been easy enough to swap, but I didn't think about all the add ons (antenna, etc). I'm perfectly fine with putting it in the Mustang now and dealing with Fusion at the end of stang season.
      Any recommendations as to where to start (resources, etc)? Thanks.