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2009 Nissan Altima w/ Nexus 7 (new ver.) in dash

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  • 2009 Nissan Altima w/ Nexus 7 (new ver.) in dash

    So what I am looking to do is modify my 2009 Nissan Altima and replace the stock stereo completely with Nexus 7. hexxamillion's work log and ideas have been a big influence on what I want to do, especially since he had a Altima just like me.

    The biggest hurdle I am facing right now is how to modify/accommodate the dash for the Nexus 7. I am planning leveraging the Asus Nexus dock to hold the tablet as well as power and provide audio via 3.5mm jack. I have no fiberglass skills so I am trying to keep this build as simple as possible. My idea so far is to use a dash kit like the Scoshe NN1642B with the 2 DIN setup. Then create a shelf for the Nexus 7 dock to sit on and possibly some sort of backing to hide the innards, all by using the built in tabs on the sides. That would be nice but a bezel would clean the look up and give a better fit/finish. Another good point is that the Asus Nexus 7 dock, uses a micro-usb to usb type a plug so I can leverage usb car charger in the cig slot in the compartment below the AC controls.

    The other hurdle and its one I think I can overcome rather easily is the audio setup. I still need to read up what I need to do in order to replace the stock radio, so that I can solely run off of the Nexus 7. Going off of what hexxamillion did with his build, I know I need an AMP to power the stock (for now) speakers. I'd prefer to use Bluetooth as opposed to the 3.5mm cable (keeping it in as a just in case) for audio to minimize the number of cables needing to be ran to the AMP. I'd love to hear suggestions on a good amp and a solution to the bluetooth.

    The last thing is I would like to integrate the on steering wheel controls for at least the volume +/- control. Click image for larger version

Name:	54169308.jpg
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ID:	2310792 I'm guessing there has to be some product that allows you to connect those stock connections to the AMP in the form of an equalizer or something similar.

    Im open for any input and suggestions on the build.