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help with joycon exr setup for2006 chevy silverado

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  • help with joycon exr setup for2006 chevy silverado

    like the title says i need help with setting up my joycon exr. the problem im having is when i press my steering wheel controls the my computer recognizes it as long as the car engine is off. as soon as i fully turn on my truck the buttons are no longer being recognized. if you need more information on the setup let me know. its all for a nexus 7 carputer. thank you

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    I have not played with the joycon device so this may be way off base but if it requires it's own power, it almost sounds like the power wire or ground feeding it might be changing state between when the vehicle is on and and off. Again, I have no knowledge of the device, so this is just a SWAG...
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      It sounds like the voltage of the buttons is changing, Try to set up your buttons while the car is powered on, that should fix it