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Opus 250W - Emergency Sound?

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  • Opus 250W - Emergency Sound?

    I was discussing this with another member today trying to figure out what could cause this.

    Setup I'm running:
    iBase MB850F w/ P4 2.4Ghz Northwood 533MHz
    ATI Radeon 64MB 9700 series video card
    2 Xenarc TSVs
    4 Port USB Hub
    - 2 Touchscreens
    - GPS Unit
    Audigy NX2 Sound Card
    5.25" Fan Controller
    3.5" 200GB HD

    All this is being powered by an Opus 250W. It starts the CarPC perfectly, no issues there. The thing is that whenever RR loads (2 instances) from the startup folder the computer instantly becomes sluggish and before the skin even loads (Freedom 2.1) I hear an almost ambulance type noise coming from my case and the computer promptly shuts off after that. The kicker here is that when I power the Xenarc from a 12v unregulated it still happens. Couldn't really troubleshoot using the LED either. However is it possible that the power supply could be that overloaded or is it just the voltage from my battery that becomes so low from the draw that it does this? Just to note: This setup was tested and done on a 115V atx power supply before hand. And it's not overheating because the inside temp. was at 53F.

    It has something to do with the power supply, don't know what it is. Has anyone else had this problem? I plan on calling Opus tomorrow, but would just like to know if anyone else has suffered from this.

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    is RR the only app this happens with? What if you only load one instance? Have you tried any other FE's?


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      You bring of a good point but....

      I didn't have the chance to remove RR from startup yet. It took me a few hours to put everything back into my car so I was pretty tired at the end of that only to have my CarPC do this. It'll be interesting to see what happens when I remove RR from startup and see if it shutdowns with just Windows XP "idling" keeping the CPU usage to a minimum.


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        try unplugging all usb / external devices then see if it works, then plug them in one at a time and reboot each time
        My Install

        CFiG v1
        iGuidance Plugin for CF

        Working shell for a CarPC

        StopWatch plugin remade for centrafuse RC1


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          Hey man. Sorry I couldnt' diagnose it with you via messenger yesterday.

          Any progress?
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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