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My CarPuter won't start anymore

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  • My CarPuter won't start anymore

    I put this thing together a couple years ago (Jan 2005) and use it more for simple computing than CarPuting so I've been out of the loop for a while. Yesterday though it stopped booting. The power is still good (meaning that power is getting to the Car Netix, and getting to the CarPuter), but it just doesn't start. Any ideas?

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    So the bios doenst even boot? Whenenver this happens to me I just start disconnceting everything and seeing if it at least boots to bios without harddrives, sound cards, video cards, etc. I also take the cmos battery out for a few seconds and that always seems to do the trick.


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      No, bios won't even boot. In fact, the monitor (Lilliput) doesn't even get power. It's a C134 case with an Epia M10000 MB and a Carnetix CNX-P1260.


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        Well, you have to sit down and trouble shoot 1 items at a time.
        Is it the PSU that dead? Use a known working AC PSU and check it out.
        Is it the LCD dead? Plug it in a working computer.
        Is it the computer dead? Plug in a different monitor to see the boot screen POST info.
        If the computer dead, is it the HD, RAM, CPU .... you name it.
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          OK, I figured it out. My Carnetix died on me. Are they still available? I don't see it in the Mp2car store.


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            That's because they're sold in the store!

            What model Carnetix is it that failed? The only one that's not sold is the P1260 (I believe that's the model), but it's also not listed on Carnetix' website, either. It may not be in production any longer.
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

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