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Having a few problems with my set-up

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  • Having a few problems with my set-up

    i recently purchased my mac mini ( g4 1.5 processor) and i am using the mac pac along with the p1900 power supply ( version 2.2). Basically the problem i am running into is that power supply will boot up fine, it flashes until 60 seconds or whatever that time is then it flashes very very fast once the computer starts to boot up. I noticed also that it will stay steady if the computer is not powered on.
    I have set the jumpers to both 12v and tried 5v, both with the same results. Could this be a problem with my jumpers, or the unit itself.

    j1- 1 open
    2 deadman on
    3 sleep on
    4 open
    5 open
    j2 12v

    j3 open (default? there was no jumper on it in the first place)

    j4 dlyon

    j5 both on 12

    j6 is open for 18 volts

    j7 ( came with a jumper on it but i have no clue what its for)

    Now i had this hooked up with only a mac connected, no screen. Also it was hooked up in my home with a battery charger, not an actual 12v source but i did check the voltage and it was fine.

    Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
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    maybe i'm not the only the flashing the problem? or is the pc not booting? please clarify, i'm looking at the same setup for my car, and as you probably know any info is helpful.