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  • m2-atx in carputer

    is the m2-atx ps made to power on both a screen and computer or just a computer? if just a computer, what powersupply should i use to power both. I am asking this because i dont want to get the m2-atx ps and have the on/off controller turn off my computer so it doesnt drain the battery, but leaves the touchscreen on and that in turn kills the battery.
    2003 Infiniti G35

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    It's amde to power just a computer, but many screens take 12vDC.
    A PC power supply (DC-DC like the M2ATX or the AC-DC in your desktop) is a handy source for 12vDC (that yellow wire in a HDD power connector).

    If you intend to power a screen from your M2ATX, make certain it's not going to push your power draw over the limits of the M2ATX. There are reports of M2ATX units blowing out from too much power draw.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      ok i get you. what if i left the m2-atx only for the computer. and powered the screen using the 12vDC cig lighter connection. (of course im going to directly wire it. instead of a plug-in). When the car is off the screen should not get any power so that way it cant kill the battery right?
      2003 Infiniti G35


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        My screen is wired into the car but I made sure I kept the filter that came with it and fused it with a 2a fuse (I also have a 5v source off the same fuse to power a hub up front). I'm looking at buying a DSATX 220w power supply and will probably power it from there if the p4 doesn't max it out by itself. Electronics like stable power, and the car just can't provide that. Don't find that out the expensive way (replacing dead components)!

        Not saying it won't work (mine does, for now) but you may be sacrificing the screens longevity with the "dirty" power the car provides.