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24+4 Motherboard and DC to DC Power Supply...

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  • 24+4 Motherboard and DC to DC Power Supply...

    Hello All,

    This is my first post here so be gentle. Let me first say how impressed I am with many of the installs I have seen and the amount of info is great! I hope my setup will look as good!

    I'm getting ready to start my install and currently have all the components for the PC build except the power supply. What I am going with is an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ with an upgraded heatsink on an asus A8V-VM SE (microATX with onboard audio + video), 512 MB PC3200 and a 80GB 3.5" IDE drive. I know it's a bit overkill but I already had the extra processor and memory. I picked up the motherboard board dirt cheap! If I have a problem with heat & power, I will swap the processor out for a mobile Athlon processor but I have some ideas on how to keep the heat low when I build the case so I am only concerned with the power requirements.

    So now my question. The motherboard I already bought requires a 24+4 power supply (my ignorance for not checking). I really wanted to use a DC to DC PS to reduce the amount of parts needed but all the PS I have seen do not have this configuration. I did notice that the M2-ATX has a 4 wire plug in it. So would I only need a 20 to 24 wire converter and be good to go? Do you think 160 watts will be enough? I checked it on a power calculator and it came in below 160 watts.

    Thank you for your help!