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    Just one quick question, If you have a startup and shutdown controller that starts up when you turn the key to ACC, what happens when you turn off the car then turn it back on? I assume it will continue on, but I don't want to assume anything with this just to be screwed or find out later that it does shutdown. I'm going to use the MPEGBOX Power Supply and I know it will allow it to stay on for some time after you turn off the car so it has time to hibernate correctly. But i'm still a little unsure of what would happen. So again, if I turn off my car then turn it right back on what will the computer do? Thanks for the help in advance!

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    That depends on how you have your SDC set up.
    If you have your PSU setup to immediately shut off the PC, then turning the key off and right back on would leave the PC off.
    You can simulate this on your computer. PRess the power button so the PC starts its shutdown routine, and then press it again. It will continue shutting down.

    Now, if you have a delayed shutdown (as most of us do)... If you turn the ignition off, the countdown timer starts. If you start the car again in that timeframe, the SDC will recognize the state of the ACC line, and not try to shut down the PC again.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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