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  • Fans go on but no Post

    Seems like this should be a quick fix. When i turn on the radio the sproggy turns on, and the lights on the mobo go on and the fans spin, but i dont post. It just seems to run. If i keep everything else the same but switch over to a regular ATX AC PSU then it works fine, (although i have to pres the power button for it to turn on). Is there something im missing that is not allowing the Sproggy to boot the motherboard instead of just giving it power?

    Also i noticed that on the ATX connector, on the AC one there is a green wire that is the PS-On wire, and no -12V; on the sproggy there is -12V but no PS-On wire:

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    The sproggy really shouldn't need the PS_ON pin, it's just to tell an ATX supply when to turn on.

    Use a multimeter to check all your voltages and make sure they're ok, my 5V line was dropping too low (like 4.5v) so I had to add a linear regulator on the HDD.

    You might have to push the power button to get it to turn on while hooked to the sproggy too, some motherboards are weird that way.

    Hope this helps