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Stinger sr 200

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  • Stinger sr 200

    How do we set it up?
    Do i have to take the line from my alternator to one of the center pin, the other pin to ground. and the side pins to each battery via fuse?


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    This should help.

    Pin on the mounting side to ground, one of the center posts to existing battery, other center post to new battery, last post to switched ignition.
    It's been a while...


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      Switched ignition?

      What do you call switched ignition? can i pick that conection directly from alternator?
      And this diagram doesn't tell if we must fuse and if so what amp for the fuse.
      Thanks again


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        switched ignition is when you turn your key to IGN you have 12V and when the key is turned OFF it is 0v

        You can't pick this up from the alternator. Think of something that is turned on when you switch on your ignition, ie. your radio. and use that. If you are still unsure, you may want to get a good auto electrician / car audio store to help you out.

        As far as fusing goes, It depends on how far the SR200 is away from the battery. I personally would fuse the battery anyway. What do the installation instructions say? Again, if you are unsure, seek out a good auto electrician / car audio store.
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