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M2-ATX problem

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  • M2-ATX problem

    Ok, so I finally got around to fitting my ITX pc into my car today, all went well and the power supply was operating properly; powering up when the ignition is turned on and sending a kill signal when the power ignition is turned off.

    Then I came into my house and started surfing the web, about ten minutes later I got booted off of MSN by my CarPC; it had turned itself on, connected to my network and connected to MSN, all while the keys were in my pocket!

    I went down and took a look and as I opened the boot (trunk) to have a look it powered off, I got into the drivers seat and it started to power up again, I still hadn't put the key in the ignition, I've had to disconnect the power for now until I figure out whats going on, if not I may have to put a toggle switch on the switched live so that I can disconnect it completely when I leave the car.

    Anyone had this before?
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