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BASIC Stamp for shut down

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  • BASIC Stamp for shut down

    Has anyone used a BASIC Stamp for a shut down circuit on this board? I know someone who is using one currently on another board. Seems alot simpler and much more versatile than building an entire circuit with oodles of components.

    I got the super duper model (BS2p24) which has 16 i/o's, can work with the one wire Dallas semi conductors, (thermal sensors, real time clocks etc).

    When I get mine all setup, it will be able to look for an input from the accessory line, wait a few seconds to allow the cranking, then power up the cpu, power up the lcd, then after the mb POSTs, the amp will be turned on. While running, the system will monitor temperature and turn on the minimal number of fans to keep the system cool.

    When I turn the key off, the amp will be shut down immediately. The cpu will remain powered for about 15 minutes, then the Basic Stamp will check for a signal on the acc line, if none is found, a pulse will be sent to the atx header on the mb to signal a shutdown, followed by turning off the power supply. If a signal is present, the amp will power back up and we will go back to the main loop.

    It's possible to connect RF modules to these things for keyless entry and remote starting as well. Prices range between $30ish to $100. I think someone could get a $40-50 model to do most everything I described.
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    can stamps be used to turn on ac or heat depending on the car's temperature?


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      There's no reason you can't use a stamp for that, buy you may be better off using a simple thermistor/opamp circuit. You would need a programmer for the stamp and if you haven't already got one it's probbably cheaper to build an OpAmp circuit.
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        i dont know how to do any of that.

        I want to get an alarm with auto start... but my climate control is manual. so i dont want to set it everytime i leave the car.


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          I use these at work as a cheap PLC. IO board and components are about $70 thou some PLC's are getting real cheap
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