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Where can I get a mini harness to allow me to disconnect my ACPI

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  • Where can I get a mini harness to allow me to disconnect my ACPI

    I am planning on installing a laptop as my carputer and I have already soldered my two wires onto the power button so my p2140 will be able to send it a pulse. However, I do not want to solder the ACPI wires from the CNX directly to the laptop incase I ever need to take it out for something. Where can I buy a simple little 2 pin (or more) male and female harness thingy so that I could easily disconnect when needed? Thanks!

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    We will soon be offering a cable that you may be interested in for the P2140. It is the CNX-CA-XSC4 and is similar to the XSC3 shown here
    except that it has an 8-pin power connector to match the output of the P2140. The small "audio" connector is the ACPI connection (grn/blk wires). If you buy the mate to this connector at Radio Shack and connect your laptop power switch wires to it, you will have a plug-and-play interface to your laptop. This will allow for very easy removal.


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      Electronics shops sometimes have molex and other connectors that can be used. I stop by abandoned car hulks (those trashed ones you find by the roadside in the country) and cut off various connectors for such a purpose.
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