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M2-ATX Problems: Random Shutoffs - Now Wont Turn On

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  • M2-ATX Problems: Random Shutoffs - Now Wont Turn On

    Heres the setup:


    My wires are connected to the M2's through crimp on connectors.
    The ground is connected to a bolt on the seat which is unpainted metal.

    Now I know the M2-ATX maxes out at 15 so the amp within the PSU will blow before my distro one does. None of the fuses are blown.

    The computer works sometimes. Sometimes it turns on and continues to turn on then just dies while the car is on and runnign. Sometimes it just doesn't turn on at all.

    These are the things I have connected:

    USB PORT ON MOBO -> USB HUB -> Xenarc TS
    Second HUB
    SECOND HUB -> WLAN Adapter
    BU-353 GPS
    USB PORT ON MOBO -> USB HUB -> The Really Small Keyboard
    Digimoto (OBD Hardware)
    Hard Drive
    Xenarc Is Powered From One Of The 12V Molex's From PSU (I converted the CIG lighter adapter into a molex connector)
    Stereo Speaker Output

    I have tried:
    -Manually boot the M2-ATX thinking maybe my REM is not working
    -All fuses are OK even the one in the PSU
    -Disconnected all USB ports and boot with just the Hard Drive and Xenarc connected
    -I checked a couple of the rails with a multimeter (when the computer would NOT turn on) and the voltages that were coming out were not perfect but very close to what they should be.
    -Manually turn on the computer by shorting out the PWR pins on the mobo (also tried the RST)
    -Computer turns on fine when connected to a PSU inside my house

    I've concluded this:
    -Fuses are not being blown
    -Power is going to where it should be
    -Motherboard is not dead
    -M2-ATX doesnt appear to be malfunctioning
    -USB items may lead to the power failure but is not the cause of the booting problem
    -Nothing is shorting out

    I have a subwoofer that is connected to the same fuse distro as the M2. I could envision this causing a problem if I am listening to music with a lot of BASS while the computer is running the PSU might not get its required amount of power. This does not appear to relate to the problem at hand because when I take the fuse out for the amp it still does not work. This computer has been in for almost a week but ever since I began it has had this problem. I recently relocated the ground to a much closer point but that has not changed anything. At this point im clueless. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Somewhat of an update: My subwoofer is no longer working. I originally thought maybe the terminals of my fuses were not tight enough so I redid all of them. The subwoofer sometimes works when I turn the car on and then just stops working moments later. I drove on the highway for a while to try to recharge my battery with none of the fuses in. I read that the alternator recharges the battery so stop-and-go movement doesn't recharge it very well. That did not work. Could all this trouble be because my battery is dead? Usually after I turn my car off my battery would give a sort of clicking humming noise for a couple of seconds and then stop. I always assumed it was some kind of ground issue but it never caused I problem so I figured it was OK. Could it be that my battery is bad? I've never had a problem with the car getting sufficient power it just seems my "accessories" do not. Is anyone familiar with this happening?


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      Well, have you tried connecting a constant source of power to the ACC terminal of the M2-ATX? I wouldnt use the switched power from the cigarette lighter adapter as an ACC line to the M2-ATX.

      Also, did you try using a test light on your ground point to make sure it is a good ground? From my experience, a voltmeter/multimeter is way more sensitive than a test light. Some points that show up as good grounds through the voltmeter/multimeter is not true when using a test light; which I think is a better indicator of a good ground.

      How is your subwoofer's amp hooked up in terms of power, remote, and ground? You can be having a power problem, but there are many other causes for your problem.


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        The constant source is connected to the M2's Positive Wire (which I assume is the ACC). That wire goes straight to the battery through a fuse distro. I think you are confusing the REM (remote on and off) with the ACC. The Remote On/Off is connected to the Cig Ligther so that it turns on/off with my car.

        I will get back to you on the test light.

        As far as the subwoofer goes it seems to work right when the car is on and then stop. It is hooked up to the same distro as the M2 using a different fuse. The Remote On/Off is connected to the same cig lighter as the M2 (the fuse on that has not blown). The ground is on the chasis of the car. It is the same ground that my factory amp uses so the ground must be fine. This problem is only recent. Prior to this my sub has worked fine for a tleast 6 months.


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          No, ACC is the remote wire or switched source. On the M2-ATX, + is the fused wire that goes to the battery, ACC is the switched wire that goes (in your case) to the cigarette lighter, and - is ground.

          I would test the power supply by connecting the remoe wire to the same line that goes to the battery first and see if that turns on and off your computer.