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    I'm relatively new to mp3 car players and have decided to make one. I have everything sorted custom software, display, the works... apart from the psu. I have limited knowledge on electronics although can understand basic componants and follow circuit diagrams but it would be impossible for me to design a psu.

    What I really want is a dc/dc convertor which would enable me to use the player indoors with a 240v plugin transformer which gives an output of 12v (maybe an old laptop transformer). This would also enable me to plug this into a cigerette lighter if I wanted to use the player in the car. Right???

    Anyway I have read this forum many times over and have only found a few ideas.

    1) Is Kaboom's psu which is still in development
    2) Is the famous Sproggys PSU

    Only thing is I have limited funds so it might be differcult to purchase kabooms psu when its realeased. And the second ting is Sproggys PSU is only designed for AT motherboards.

    Heres my specs:

    Micro ATX motherboard, 366mhz 370 celeron 12v fan
    5400rpm hdd
    5v matrix obital lcd
    and 1 network card

    Could someone tell me roughly how much watts I would need to run the cpu? And maybe some ideas or circuits! Or a place to buy a computer dc/dc convertor? Whats everyone else using?

    Hope I haven't rambled on! Thanks for ya time!

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    There are updated Sproggy plans which support ATX systems. I couldn't easily find all the sproggy parts or similar ones but could find the ISR's like kabooms so I want that route. My power supply has run a couple times off a lawn mover battery setting on the kitchen table.