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power supply confusion

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  • power supply confusion

    Hokay- so yesterday i was trying to load up my computer with linux xp, so i plug it in and press the power switch. -nothing- my girlfriend says the power supply fan spun a bit but i press the power switch again and -nothing-. so i plug another power supply into my mobo, cd-rom, floppy, & HDD. Plug it in to the wall. press the power button. -one rotation of the fan and nothing- unplug it from that outlet plug it in to another outlet, press the power button -fan spins half a**ed again- plug it in to the last outlet -nothing-

    Long story short i try every outlet in my living room and dining room and every one of them spins the fan once and never works again. the computer never booted up. the computer worked before it went in to storage w/ no humidity or anything like that. the power supply was a powerman unit that i tested at work. and the power cord worked on the monitor.

    << Baffled

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    something is shorting.. remove everything but CPU and 1 stick of ram


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      I plugged in the 20pin and a 4pin that i hadn't noticed before and 1 stick of ram again- nothing. switched power supplies and tried it again - nothing. I think this mobo is a loss.


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        yeah if you swiched PSU and nothing the something is dead..probable the mobo, i guess most bios just beep when the CPU is dead or the RAM..