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Sproggy psu a bit cheaper & easier

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  • Sproggy psu a bit cheaper & easier

    howdey all . i just finished doing a bit of an experement with my 3rd sproggy... i am working on ways of building it a bit cheaper..
    the latest thing i have tried is replaceing the caps with standard ones available from radio shack. i just finished testing it in the car and it works great. the specs for the caps are as follows...
    the two on the input are 1000uf 63v..
    the ones on the -12v are 220uf 16v and 470uf 16v
    and the oes on the 5 & 3.3v rails are all 470uf 16v
    i just thought some of you would like to know this.. i have also found cheaper replacements for the diodes and will post the resaults with them later today

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    I have always found radio shack to be more expensive for those kind of parts. I can usually get 10 caps for the same price from digikey our mouser


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      i was just using them as an example .. just so ppl know they are redaly available.. what i am saying is that they aren't low esr..