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  • Need some Help.

    I have NO idea what to do. I have searched and searched and still remain confused. I have 1 of 3 options that I can go with but my biggest consern is obviously is what happens when the car is off.

    # 1 - I have a IBM Thinkpad Laptop X24. (1 GHz 640 MB Ram / Wireless / XP Pro) Does NOT have Cd/DVD drive would have to go external for this. - Biggest Concern Power and off and on. I have a DC-AC Inverter rated 430 Watts which has powered my biggest laptops with no problem. So the problem I have with this is the lack of upgradeablity and the DVD Drive would have to be seperate. Not that I would use it that often so I suppose it is not a HUGE deal.

    # 2 - Can BUILD a car pc but I am very confused when it comes to the power supplys. I looked at the DC-DC ones I would really like a ATX Form factor PS but I was reading about it can still drain your battery even when off?!

    # 3 - BUILD a car PC w/o the DC-DC convertor and use the formetioned DC-AC invertor.

    What is my best option to do?

    Here is what I would like to do:
    Lilliput 7" Touch Screen (USB)
    GPS - (USB)
    TV - (If Not laptop Have PCI Tuner Card)
    Internet - (USB)
    Emulation - (USB Controller) For those days at the Drive-In / Car Shows / Drive Up Diners

    Please Help!