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Question about the Opus 320...

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  • Question about the Opus 320...

    Hi all, I was looking around and discovered that Opus has come out with a 320 since I have last been here. I just purchased an FJ Cruiser, and I am starting to research a setup for the new rig.

    I also noticed that Logic Supply has TONS of new motherboards, P4, AMD, and more! Awesome stuff!

    So the question is this. I know that most Pentium systems have that extra power connection on them, the 4 pin plug, I think for CPU power. Anyways, I see that Opus has two options....either a 20 pin power plug or 24 pin.

    I want the extra 4 pin power plug, even if I don't use it for a Pentium system. Will I need to purchase the 24 pin plug in order to get that with the opus?

    Most MB's have only a 20 pin....does opus include this plug in their power wires? Does anyone have a pic of the power wires included with the opus?

    THanks in advance! I couldn't find this searching!

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    Yeah, they include the 4pin 12V P4 connector with every ATX power supply as far as i know.
    The 20pin or 24pin is what you should be concerned about. The newer motherboards use 24pin (BTX) which has additional 3.3V, 5V, 12V and ground. The 4 pin P4 only has 2x12V and 2xGround its something totally different.
    From what i noticed on that 320W they do offer both, either 20pin or 24pin so you should be fine either way. Just make sure that you order the correct one for your motherboard.