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Building a pc and need suggestions on power

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  • Building a pc and need suggestions on power

    I am primarily looking to use it for DVD/Divx, Sirius, light web browsing via bluetooth from my cell, wifi to transfer files, and GPS.

    I would like to to be somewhat futureproof so was looking at a 65w X2 3800+ CPU because of its low power.

    I would be running either a PC Chips A13G or ECS C51GM-M motherboard using the integrated video and sound.

    For a hard drive just any IDE 5600 drive and would be using a spare Lite-On DVD-/+RW I have laying around.

    The screen would be the Lilliput which I would hope would be able to be powered from my cigarette lighter instead of the PSU.

    as far as the radio, it would be the Sirius USB kit thats available.

    Can anyone give me some suggestions as to which PSU would be the best bet, and is it possible to use 2 PSU's for this task?


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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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