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M2-ATX SDC Operation Modes on the fly?

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  • M2-ATX SDC Operation Modes on the fly?

    So, with the M2-ATX (and other DC-DC PSU's), there are jumpers to select the shutdown controller (SDC) operation. For the M2, these are the jumper positions and modes:

    ABCD Mode Offdelay/Hardoff
    0000 0 = (Traditional PSU mode)
    1000 1 = 5sec/45sec
    0100 2 = 5sec/2hour (suggested)
    1100 3 = 5sec/never
    0010 4 = 30sec/2hour
    1010 5 = 30sec/never
    0110 6 = 30min/never (taxi mode)
    1110 7 = 3hour/never (taxi mode)

    What I'd like to know is are these selectable on the fly? Could I wire switches to the pins (instead of jumpers) and then change them before shutting the car off? For example, typically I would want to run mode 2 or 4, so that shortly after I get out of the car, the PC will power down, and in a couple hrs will kill the 5VSB. However, for times where I'm making a quick run into a store or gassing up, I'd like to switch over to mode 6 so the PC will stay running, but still shutdown at SOME point in case I don't get back to the car as quick as I'd like to. From mode 2 or 4, 6 is only one bit-flip away. The question is, CAN I flip that bit while the PSU is running? I may have to email someone at mini-box (and will update this thread if I get a response), but figured someone may have already done this.

    Thanks ahead of time for any insight.


    Well, 9 months and a few emails later, I finally got a reply to my question. The M2 would need to be power-cycled to read the new jumper settings so on the fly jumper configuration wouldn't work. However, he did inform me about a few more "hidden" operation modes, and I've posted them up here:

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    great question.. i always wished i had this ability too Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      I do not believe you can switch these on the fly.
      Perhaps someone can chime in here?
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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