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  • ATX Voltages

    I know most of the computer is run of the +12V, +5V, and +3.3V rails in the power supply.

    What voltage is used for what part of the computer?

    I would like to know so I can figure out how much current I need in each line in a DC-DC power supply.

    Are there any good resources on this?


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    Re: ATX Voltages

    Originally posted by bgelb

    Are there any good resources on this?

    yeah, a great resource is a search engine.. :P
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      HMMMMMMM Ge that's a great way to help people...

      a good place to start is the manufacturer of each component of the pc motherboard, cpu, hard disk etc..


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        The major ones are CPU, hard drives, and CD roms.

        You can get the rating for your CPU from the manufacturers web site. CDRoms and Hard drives have it on a printed label attatched to the drive. Then add about 3-4 amps for the rest of the electronics.

        CPUs using have their rating given in watts. So you will need to convert that figure into amps in order for it to be useful with the other figures. I think its something like Volts * Amps = watts?????
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          just look around at other ATC power supplys and see what they rate at, like this one