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Well the battery died.

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  • Well the battery died.

    I've got a M2 and it works perfectly other than the fact that my battery died this weekend.

    I have a kill switch from the power line to the M2. I typically turn this off when I get out so I completely cut off the power to the system. Unfortunately I lent the car to the gf and she left it on. Well it drained the battery in a day.

    I haven't gotten out the voltmeter to see what's pulling all the power but I did notice that with the system off that I have a few USB things with lights still on.

    My Bu353 still flashes with the computer off as well as my sensor for the wireless keyboard.

    I don't like the fact that I have to wait for the system to completely hibernate before flipping the kill switch but I also don't like having to worry about the system draining everything if I leave it connected.

    GPS receiver is connected to a USB port that's connected to the motherboard
    Keyboard receiver is plugged into the serial keyboard and mouse ports.


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    Get rid of the M2ATX, there junk. Pick up a good opus psu that cuts the power to the 5v rail when computer is turned off.
    I really doubt that one USB device would drain your battery over night. Most people leave there USB recievers powered so they dont have to wait for a lock everytime they shutdown. Anway, I guess what I am saying is I would suspect a bad battery or something not up to par in your charging system.
    In my last car I did, the alternator was way underpowered. It was only a 40amp alternator. Yes that is right, it was an old car and had just enough to power the car and the head lights. Anyway long story short, I add a carputer and every other day my battery was dead. I replaced the alternator with a 110 amp and voila problem solved. My computer was pulling about 15 amps alone, so you can imagine only having about 25amps to power my car was not nearly enough.
    I hope this helps and good luck with your install
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      i had near the same problem with my escort. ended up being that i have a 35amp alt.


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        maybe I'll move up to a BMW 7 series alternator. I think it's got 110 or 140 amps. But first I'll test with a volt meter to see the drain.