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Question for Vibe/Matrix owners

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  • Question for Vibe/Matrix owners

    I did a search through all of the forums regarding using the AC outlet that comes in our cars, and I only found one post that kinda sorta answered my question. Obviously there is already an inverter installed for this to be happening. My question is has any ever used this outlet for a carputer? Also for all you '05 and up Vibe/Matrix owners is it feasible to use the second outlet in the center console, I know '05 and up does not have this standard but the wiring is still in place for the outlet, they just left the outlet out. Could I just hardwire an AC-DC power supply directly into this? Does the stock inverter suck?
    Thanks a bunch
    Still searching....

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    I thin it woudl be acceptable for a low-power unit, perhaps.
    Realistically, a DC-DC power solution is much more elegant and convenient, and will free your power outlet(s) up for whatever you need/want to use it for.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      thanks for the reply
      And yea I think the outlet says 100W right on the little door.
      So it can support max 100W power supply right?
      That is kinda low


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        The only time I really use that AC port is when I need to plug in my 3.5" USB HD power for transfering file from the USB HD to the carPC HD.
        Basially, it only good for very low power devices that is 100W or much less. Maybe, a lower power laptop.
        BTW, I think most/all Matrix/Vibe already came pre-wire for the inverter and plug. All you need is the inverter and that plug in the front.
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