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M2-ATX on Central Locking

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  • M2-ATX on Central Locking

    Hi people,

    I was wondering, to help boot the pc up quicker when you get in the car, would it be possible to run it through the remote central locking circuitry?

    Basically when you de-arm the alarm, the ignition signal would go along the ignition cable as if you had switch the ignition on? this would then start the computer before you have got in, sat down and started? technicallly booting windows up before the car starts? the m2-atx can deal with the cranks so the car will start and the pc will remain on?

    When you get out the car, and lock it with the fob, the machine will go into its shutdown process as it would normally on ignition off?

    Has anyone tried this...if so is it hard?

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    I'm certain this could be done. basically you'd need to have your alarm trigger a relay when you de-arm that would make the ACC line go hot and go off when you armed.

    It's definitely possible (and has been done before). Sorry I can't give you a step-=by-step or exact details. Search the forums. I'm certain that you can find more info.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      It sounds like you dont want your ignition wire to control your power supply at all. If that is the case disconnect the m2-atx power pins from the mobo and wire this up.

      You will need to wire up all 4 relays. The first relay in each of the sequence ensures that no matter how many times you press lock, lock will only shut it down, and the same for unlock and powering up. The second relay does the actual turning on and off.

      If you do decide to try this out, let me know how it works.