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any ideas on a good "pulse start" option?

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  • any ideas on a good "pulse start" option?

    I've just bought a P1900 and I am intrigued my the pulse start, tho, I think I have a problem. I have a 2005 honda civic, and I have only 3 buttons on my remote. Lock, unlock, and panic. I would use my lock or unlock buttons, but I don't think they would work. I hit unlock once to unlock the driver side door, and hit it a second time to unlock all doors. Same kinda thing with the lock button, once to lock the doors, a second time to alarm the car. Wouldn't clicking the button twice start it up and throw it into shutdown? and if I set it to the lock button, once i shut off the car, get out and lock it with my remote, wouldn't it start up the carpc? I would prefer not to use the panic button incase i ever need the car alarm to panic. Is it possible to get a seprate remote?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    well I extensivly used pulse start for my system in the past.

    First a clarification, what the carnetix receives the first pulse any subsequent pulses will have no effect for the duration of the boot lockout (or whatever its called) so the PC will start with the first pulse and the second (for your passenger door) will have no effect.

    I had it connected to the unlock wire inside the drivers door. So when I hit unlock the PC would start. since you have the advantage that the rest of your doors need to clicks you can connect it to the passenger door unlock wire. So if you don't want the PC to start you click once, if you do then you click twice and initiate the boot(plus unlock all doors).

    The shutdown in my case was and still is triggered by the ignition.

    As an other more complex option you can use a device that you can program to accept a number of input pulses to output a single pulse. So use three clicks to trigger the PC. This was my initial plan. I actually think that I will be implementing this since having the PC booting EVERY time I unlocked the car once was a bit annoying so I had to disconnect it.
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