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    hi guys.

    I am just running around the web and trying to find out what the best power supply for the following specs would be.

    amb 1.2 ghz

    512mb ram

    20gb hdd

    I ran it to a cheap cig lighter invertor and it was not powerfull enough which i guessed would be the case.

    So I wanted to see if my battery would run the dam thing at all.

    I rigged some wiring which the ireing itself can handle to power but when I hooked it up to the battery nothing happened to the computer - nothing at all.

    For the temp setup to test if I would calling to much power I did the following.

    Wired an indoor extension cable from battery and had the computer on the floor next to my ride.

    then from the extension cord i spliced to a normal indoor three pin power cord - nothing happened.

    Any suggestions? I know the extension works as i did not mean to but touched the wires and they sparked. I even tried three diff PC's one was a crappy old P2 200mhz very low end unit.

    any suggestions to see if this will work - then the next question.

    Qhat kind psu do i do?
    1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo XP
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    1 - You're going to need to provide more details. "AMD 1.2Ghz" could mean quite a few different CPUs.

    2 - Read this thread:
    It was written for pe9ople in your exact situation.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      urm its a AMD 2000+ if that helps Its one of the cheapy ones that says 2ghz but really only works out being 1200.

      reading your pasting threat now.

      1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo XP
      My CarPC Site