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M2 to car stereo wiring concerns,....

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  • M2 to car stereo wiring concerns,....

    Im all set to wire up the M2 to the cars wiring. Everythings all fabricated, PC is all set to go and Im getting all excited!

    My mate fits Thatcham alarms and is pretty nifty at his job and he has said he would wire up the 3 wires on the M2 (+, - and ignition - red, black and white) to the +, - and ignition of my car stereo.

    As Im taking the stereo out and wont be using it this seems like a pretty good idea. The only concern I have is if its all connected, switched on and then blows / frys!

    Has anyone else done this and what was the outcome? Im assuming that the spliced connections would still be 'clean' as if it wasnt surely the car stereo would of blown and as the stereo is factory and its nine years old cant see it causing any probs!??!

    90% there boys!

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    Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but it seems as if you're asking if anyone else on here has connected their power supply to their car?

    The wire that is used to power your radio is probably not going to be thick enough to handle the current that your carPC will pull.

    It is always recomended to run a dedicated power wire directly from your battery (do NOT splice a larger wire onto the harness) and run the equivilant gauge for the ground wire. the ignition can and should be pulled from the radio harness.
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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      Cheers for that......So neggi and possi both from the battery and ignition from the stereo?.

      Trip to the local electrical shop tomorrow for the necessary wires. Any idea on size / thickness I should be going for?

      Would get an auto electrician to do it but their arent any near me that dont charge too much. 60 quid and hour they want!